Welcome to "by Ronda Claire" a blog, now website I've been developing for a long time ;-).

I've been writing since at least my teens, but I remember some ahead of that in grade school. I've always scored high in English, in classes and on tests (like ACT). I love to write and write much better when I'm passionate about something (read: pst off lol).

My first blog was created in 2008 when Nina Epstein (who should *still* be our MAYOR) first ran for that office. There was so much bs going around, half truths, a "modicum of truth" wrapped around outright lies and misinformation, that I just could not keep quiet any longer, so "Issues in Kankakee" was born.

I, even though some experinces weren't as pleasant as I would prefer, was fortunate enough to write as a reporter (weekly newspaper) and correspondent (daily newspaper/business magazine). I'd always wanted to be a columnist. I was most experienced, at that time, in home-based businesses and even had a newsletter or two. While I was writing for the papers, however, I wasn't sure if I should write any columns (on any topic) in case there would be some conflict that could lose me my job. The money wasn't "a lot" but I paid the bills every month ;-).

After an unfortunate incident where lies were told about me and the "publication" refused to tell me anything or even hear my side, I was quite unceremoniously dismissed. Now what? Well, now I start my columns. By now there were "blogs" and I could set up one on the internet for the world to read. No money, but I did get to write. And write I did. That's when "Issues in Kankakee" came to light.

Soooooooooooooo .... "Welcome to by Ronda Claire" and I hope you enjoy reading. There is a comment box at the bottom of each post where comments will be sent directly to me. I hope to find code where I can set up a discussion page. If you wish any updates - new post, new page, etc. feel free to e-mail me or message me and I will answer asap. Note: this link will open a new window. Please include at least first name. Form asks for a valid e-mail address. This address will NOT be shared, I do NOT spam. In fact, if you wish an answer, please state "answer me" or you will not hear from me. Thank you.